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Fenugreek is probably the oldest known herb to man. Fenugreek is well known in the Mediterranean and Middle East as a human food as well as a fodder crop for animals. In addition to its use as an animal feed, fenugreek, has many medicinal and culinary uses involving the seeds and leaves.

Culinary: Fenugreek has a nutty flavor combining a taste like celery and maple. It smells a lot like garlic. The seeds are used whole or ground as a flavor base for spices. It helps to enhance meats, poultry, curry blends and marinated vegetables.

Sprouting: Fenugreek is at its highest nutritional value at the end to. Fenugreek is a good source of phosphorous and trace elements, and is one of the highest sources of iron. Like alfalfa it contains the vitamins A, E, C, and K. It has a pungent odor that retards mice and insects. Fenugreek is best mixed with other seeds for sprouting.

Medicinal: Fenugreek has been used as a cure for just about everything. Around the world it has been recommended as an expectorant, laxative, dietetic, febrifuge and stomachic. The herb is used as a folk cure for diabetes, anemia and rickets. Poultices of fenugreek have been said to soothe boils, wounds and ulcers.

Research suggests that many of its uses are very valid. In the form of a tea it is excellent for fevers, headaches, sore throats, upset stomachs, stuffed up sinuses and bladder infections.

To make a tea from fenugreek, steep one teaspoon of seed per one cup of boiling water. The tea is right when the water takes on the same color as the seed. A teaspoon of honey will improve the odor and taste.

No household is complete without storing some fenugreek seed and a knowledge of its many uses.

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